Brandon Stephens, Ph.D student

B.S. Environmental Science, University of Minnesota (2004)
M.S. Water Resource Science, University of Minnesota (2008)
Research Interests:
I'm interested in the persistence and contribution of organic carbon into and exported from the Southern California Bight. Coupled with hydrographic and nutrient data I am attempting to identify organic carbon stocks by reactivity states, which are then remineralized (i.e. converted to CO2) to varying degrees

Selected Publications:
Stephens BM, Minor EC. DOM characteristics along the continuum from river to reservoir: a comparison of freshwater and saline transects. Aquatic Sciences 2010; 72(4): 403-417.

Minor EC, Stephens BM. Dissolved organic matter characteristics within the Lake Superior 
watershed. Organic Geochemistry 2008; 39: 1489-1501.

Ochser TE, Stephens BM, Koskinen WC, Kookana RS. Sorption of a hydrophilic pesticide: effects of 
soil water content. Soil Science Society of America Journal 2006; 70: 1991-1997.

Contact Information:
100 Vaughan Hall
8635 Kennel Way
La Jolla, CA 92093


Curriculum Vitae